Uitnodiging van Arca de Noe

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Foto SoleDear people of Galgo Aid Europe,

We are really looking forward to come to Belgium and to be able to share with you on 28th of June a day of walking with the Galgos !
Galgos, who once had a terrible life in our country and now, thanks to All of you, can have a real life, being treated with respect & enjoying all the love and dedication you give them.
Seeing them will for sure comfort our souls and give us the strength to continue dealing with our sometimes frustrating and hopeless work.

In Spain, Galgos and Podencos are subjected to the most aberrant mistreatments. Since they are born, they know hunger, pain, injuries, exhaustive training…
Many of the puppies are killed or die and only the strongest survive to run or hunt 2 or 3 years for their owners who will be very proud of them when they win or hunt well, but will beat them, sometimes even to death when they don’t. After their first years of life, they are useless for their owners and many are killed in the most terrible ways. Many others are abandoned in the fields and have to struggle to survive in a world new for them and full of dangers, many are run by the cars, others die dehydrated in the torrid lands where it is almost impossible to find water.

We try to rescue them but sometimes it is very difficult because they are terrified and even if they are drained they run far from us. When we see a wondering animal we try to gain his confidence, sometimes it is very easy and with a little bit of food they come and let us hold them, other times this is impossible and we put food and water in the same place every day until they feel secure and let us approach, other times we have to use a tramp cage to take them… You can read some of our rescue stories on the website of Galgo Aid.

Foto marifeliOnce in our shelter Arca de Noe en Albacete, we offer them veterinary care, food, clean water and much love. But, the shelter is not a good place to live, it is only a temporal home. When they arrive we start to look for adoption, almost always abroad. We start to dream for and with them… We dream that they find a perfect family, we dream that they play with the kids and with other dogs, they jump and run, they forget everything about their past life …

You are the most important part of that dream, as you adopt 1 of our dogs and make them part of your family !
You make the ‘Golden Baskets’ Galgo Aid talks about possible !

So THANK YOU FOR SO MANY HAPPY LIFES and we truly hope to see many of the dogs we rescued and know so well on 28th June, it will mean a lot to us !